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Darkrp Server Rule's

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Welcome To Aether Gaming Dark Rp

General Rules

1. When using the Outfit mod at least be in a role play form. ("Don't be a civ but wear a cop skin"). You are allowed to change skins if you do not like the default that we give the class.

2.Don't try to find ways around our rules trying to find a loop hole will get you in trouble but never a ban. "Plz dont make me change this rule".

3. Do not RDM, RDA, or break NLR. "RDM = Random Death Match, RDA = Random Arrests, NLR = New Life Rule"

4. Do not impersonate staff members if you are not one that will just get you a jail and a warn for impersonating staff.

5. There is no use of scripts,client side lua cheats, or hacks on this server if we   find you doing such we will give you a perma ban.

6. DDoS Threat will result a Perma ban.

7. You can Record.

8. There is to be no fighting with Staff. contact higher up if having issues with one staff member.


Roleplay Rules

1. Follow New Life Rule. You cannot go back to the same place where you died. You will have to wait 2 minutes to go back. "If you where defending your base during a raid after the raid you can go back".

2. Must have a building sign while building, if you have Stealable object you must have a kos sign on your base. (printer,shipment ect)

3. You have to advert your acts. (Ex: /ad Raid,/ad Steal,/ad Counter ect)

5. You cannot destroy printers while you are being Raided, it will result in a 1day ban.

6.  We are not using FearRP. You can pull out a gun during mug.


Building Rules

1. You are allowed to Build Sky Base's

2. Hitbox must be a 05x75x025 on the Vertical ONLY.

3. You can only have 3 Fading doors "KeyPad doors Tool" with a 10 second length.

4. No making a crouch entrance or a jump crouch and make it with enough room for printers to go threw

5. No Black Boxes, And no having bases that have raiders fall and get trapped.

6. DO not make foot shot bases, Don't make your entrance a maze.

7. You have to be a full party to mega base. "blocking off a entire district like industrial's"

8. You are Allowed to ONLY 3 One-way Props.

9. All ''Shoot trough'' Props Must have a material that is invisible (Attacker must see a bit of you're base)

11. No Elevating Defenses (Attacker raids from the ground , defenses cannot be high up. must be at the same height)

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